The sun and the wind battle it out to see who is more powerful. Each unleashes its force until the winner is declared. Meanwhile Paula, the weather forecaster, gives a strange forecast - will her predictions come true?

First broadcast:
30 April 2009

Could be used to reinforce weather vocabulary. Show the clip and then work through the weather report scene. Ask the children to write down the weather words and invite them to give the weather report. Show the scene again with the sound turned down and ask the pupils to provide the voice over for the scene.
"Where am I?" - write down country names on the board and ask the pupils to choose a country and give a short weather report that fits the climate, eg. 'es ist sehr sonnig' (Spanien). The other pupils have to guess which country it is.
Have a look at the dative pronoun in the phrase 'mir ist heiß', I'm hot. What does it literally mean? Give the children more examples where this construction is used, eg. 'mir ist schlecht' or 'mir ist langweilig'.