Two Roman men discuss how much evidence of the Romans can be found in the modern town of St Albans. A graphic diagram of a typical Roman town is shown, explaining that all Roman towns follow a similar pattern. The men then walk past the ruins of the Roman city of Rochester, looking at the forum and bath house. They then discuss the importance of its position close to Wales.

First broadcast:
4 June 2007

Students could list the features of Roman towns including baths, forums and amphitheatres. Students could investigate whether their local town follows Roman designs.

Working in groups, students could try to fulfil the Roman's requirements and design their own town. Their design could be drawn to scale using technology or arts and crafts materials. For an additional challenge, students could be set a budget for designing their town, and each building type could be given a fixed cost to construct. Each group could then present their Roman town design to fellow students, justify their decisions and receive feedback.