An introduction to the main types of crime, using the Bexley area of London as an example. An overview of Bexley is given and the role of the senior police officers in tackling crime is discussed. The main categories of crime are introduced; crimes against property, crimes against the person and motor vehicle crime. Case studies are used to illustrate each category.

This clip is from:
Mapping Crime
First broadcast:
22 February 2008

Discuss why crime is studied in Geography. Consider how the causes, effects and responses to crime are all geographical. During the clip, pupils could be asked to note down different housing types, the three main types of crime (crimes against the person, crimes against property, and motor vehicle crime), and the sub-categories. Alternatively, they could do this before the clip then see if there are any categories they had not considered after watching it. They could be split into three groups and asked to consider ways of fighting each of these three types of crime.