Neil and Calum argue over an injured rabbit. Neil becomes impatient and angry at Calum's sympathetic heart, and knows that interfering with the gamekeeper Duror's snares could land them in trouble. Mr Tulloch expresses his overview of Neil and Calum's personalities. The clip features scenes with a gun.

This clip is from:
Bitesize English
First broadcast:
10 May 2012

Students should consider themes of lightness and darkness, war and the destruction of innocence. Link Calum with innocence (lightness). Examine the relationship between the two brothers. Why is Neil quickly irritated? (He feels responsible and worried for Calum who is naïve to the brutality of the world). We see Neil softening towards Calum. Why does Calum promise to leave animals alone? Discuss inner conflict between wanting to be 'manly' and wanting to be caring. Consider Duror as the 'threatening force' (darkness). Who is he pointing the gun at and why? Ask students to write down the character traits for both Calum and Duror - encourage them to compare and discuss their differences.