Every religion is guided by a set of rules, and this example looks at some of the rules of the Jewish faith.

A boy, preparing for his Bar Mitzvah coming of age ceremony, learns some of the rules of his faith – like never touching the Torah and treating the scroll like a king.

First broadcast:
24 February 1997

Students could be divided into three groups, and each could brainstorm rules which govern a different part of their lives – the home, school life and outside the home. Examples for the home may include, ‘eating’ and ‘sleeping’, school life could include, ‘start at 9am’ or ‘keep your feet off the desks’, and outside the home, could include ‘look both ways before crossing the road’.

Once students have considered some of the rules which govern these aspects of their life, they could discuss the importance of having these rules in the first place. This could lead to a discussion about why there are rules in religion. What Jewish rules about handling the Torah do students remember from the clip?

Students could go on to compare rules at home, in a place of worship, and outside the home for different faiths. How do these rules compare and contrast with one another and how are they important for each religion?