A basic explanation of what computer bugs are, describing them as mistakes in a computer program. A cartoon mouse and a robot demonstrate what computer bugs are. The robot does not follow the instructions or algorithm in the way that is intended, and as a result he puts toothpaste on the mouse’s head and brushes his teeth with a hairbrush! Once more detail is added to the program, the robot completes the task correctly. Demonstrates the concept of bug-fixing in a simple and approachable manner.

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After watching the clip, children could be asked to work in pairs. One child is given a simple picture of a house and the other child has a blank piece of paper. The child with the picture must explain, using step-by-step instructions, how to draw the picture, including which colours to use. The other child must try to draw it using only the information provided to them in the verbal instructions. The children could sit back to back to avoid looking. Once the picture is finished, it is compared to the original picture. Can the children identify any 'bugs' in their instructions? The process could be repeated using a different picture and the children could try to be more precise with their instructions as if they have debugged their program. This activity would also develop speaking and listening skills.