A visual explanation of how and why the iron industry developed in the south Wales town of Blaenavon, which is now a World Heritage site. Views of the rich mineral landscape of Blaenavon and the surrounding valleys, showing the scars left behind from the activities caused by the iron industry.

This clip is from:
Counties of Wales, Monmouth
First broadcast:
8 July 2004

After viewing the clip, students could consider different types of World Heritage sites, looking at heritage tourism and comparing them with images of a variety of World Heritage sites. Learners could pose enquiry questions concerning the change in Blaenavon from a rural settlement to an industrial town. This activity could be combined with secondary research of a variety of sources including online censuses, old maps and online newspaper archives, with a fieldwork visit to the Blaenavon area to map and photograph various locations for analysis and evaluation. Learners could produce a storyboard sequence using ICT with sketchmaps, images or text to summarise the transformation. Could be part of a unit of work on economic change in south Wales or as part of a unit on regeneration or tourism. Consider combining with the clip called 'Blaenavon Ironworks'.