A group of children discuss anger. They explain that there are good and bad types of anger. The good type doesn't hurt anyone but the bad type leads to damaging people or things. The children explain what makes them feel angry and then produce paintings to illustrate their emotions. They describe the feelings process and acknowledge that there are different levels of anger.

First broadcast:
5 November 2007

Through discussion, students could begin to consider the situations in which it is right or reasonable to feel angry. They could be shown pictures of different situations such as losing a game, someone breaking your belongings, or seeing a friend being bullied. Students could sort these into appropriate situations for anger and those which are not, and go on to discuss the best ways to express the anger.

They could brainstorm ways to help calm our anger, and also ways in which we can use our anger to act as motivation to ensure a solution is found. For each of the pictures shown, students could work in groups to role-play the situation and show how it could be dealt with appropriately.