Tom sorts out his things and takes everything he doesn't want to the local second-hand market or vide-grenier to sell. Includes lots of vocabulary for toys and clothes. Prices are given in Euros.

This clip is from:
Being French
First broadcast:
6 March 2009

Pupils can discuss if they have been to a similar market in England. Is it the same as a car boot sale? What could be different in Marseille? Pupils could tick the items Tom wants to sell from a list of items provided by the teacher, including items previously taught or a list of items the pupils have guessed from their knowledge of car boot sales. Pupils could discuss the use of 'un', 'de la' and 'des'. What do these words mean in English? Pupils could make a note of all the prices mentioned in the clip and work out their price in pounds. Do they think they are expensive? After watching the clip, pupils can practise and perform a simple role-play selling items on the market.