Extract from drama 'Dear Nobody'. Teenage couple Helen and Chris begin a sexual relationship. They face difficult decisions when Helen falls pregnant. Helen and Chris come to realise the impact that having a child will have on their futures. With the birth of their daughter they make peace. Helen gives birth to daughter Amy. Chris rushes to the hospital to see and hold his daughter for the first time. Chris writes to Amy and Helen telling them how this has changed his life, and Helen writes back. Chris talks about how privileged he is to have them in his life. He realises the enormity of the changes to his life and resolves to better himself.

This clip is from:
Scene, Dear Nobody - part 3
First broadcast:
13 March 1998

Students could use this clip to help them explore their views about family support. Who within an extended family can support a parent? What are the roles and responsibilities of parents in bringing up a child and who should take on these roles and responsibilities? What are good techniques to successfully communicate wants and needs? This is the last of six clips from the series 'Dear Nobody'.