Two boys are cycling on a bridge over a busy motorway. They stop and spit water on to the road below. A van is seen braking sharply and nearly losing control. The boys enter a secret hideaway on private property. One of them breaks a pane of glass in a window to scare his friend. The presenter asks if the boys have broken any laws. He explains that their parents could be fined for them ‘skiving off’ school. He also points out that you can be charged by the police for smashing windows. He leaves the viewers to decide whether spitting water off a motorway bridge is against the law.

First broadcast:
24 January 2005

Discuss how best to deal with a situation when you are with a friend who does something wrong. Put pupils into groups and ask them to act out various scenarios with their friends. The pupils could demonstrate strategies that could be used to deal with difficult issues and discuss the consequences of acting irresponsibly while crossing a bridge over a motorway.