Description of a flood plain in the middle course of the river Severn, a river well known for its problems with floods, and an explanation of how it is created.

First broadcast:
6 January 1997

This clip could be used as a real example of how river processes create landforms. Could be followed up with aerial views, satellite images and maps of the River Severn or a local river to identify flood plain and potential flooding risks. Learners could research and make enquiries in groups into the causes and consequences of flooding on the River Severn. Facilitate a group decision making exercise, considering alternative schemes to reduce flood damage along the Severn, followed up by a class presentation and report using ICT. Students could investigate flood risk (for the River Severn or locally) using various internet sites, including the Resources Wales website, and examine flood protection schemes and evaluate their success. This could be part of a unit of work on natural hazards or managing rivers.