Presenters Chris Packham and Richard Hammond discuss the pros and cons of car sharing and park-and-ride schemes. Both schemes can immediately reduce congestion on the roads but, as Hammond points out, neither is as appealing as travelling in the comfort of your own car.

First broadcast:
24 November 2003

Before watching the clip, students could be asked to discuss their own ideas about how to reduce traffic congestion. They could think about what positive impacts there would be on the environment if there were fewer cars on the road. They could also consider any negative impacts.

After watching the clip, students could be split into groups and each group tasked with promoting their idea for how to reduce traffic congestion. The students could be told that the local council will only choose one idea to implement for the local town, and this will be the idea which has the best input and presentation.

Additionally, students could produce posters or letters and devise brand names and adverts. These could be presented to another class and a vote could be taken on the best one.