An investigation into friction, told through the animated story of Rapunzel. The investigation covers the importance of prediction, fair testing and repeating any measurements taken.

First broadcast:
5 March 2008

This clip could be used as a stimulus to consider how to conduct a fair and effective investigation in any scientific topic.

Specifically as part of a topic on friction, the students could watch the clip and then be set the challenge to design and make a parachute that would help Rapunzel escape from the tower. They could be asked to investigate how to make the best parachute by changing only one variable for example; weight, material, length of strings, size of canopy, shape of canopy and so on. The students can then present their findings to the class.

Alternatively, they could use their knowledge from the clip and further research and investigate this to design a poster which explains about friction, including the pros and cons for an alien from another planet.