The national judo squad is seen training. Judo players use all their muscles and need to be very strong and flexible. They do lots of different exercises to train their muscles to do different things. When we exercise, our lungs need to take in more air for our muscles to work.

First broadcast:
8 October 2007

The clip illustrates the effect of exercise on the body and explains the reasons why the heart needs to beat faster and the lungs pump harder. Prior to watching the clip, the pupils could carry out an investigation into the effects of exercise on their bodies, by running around the playground, on the spot, up and down the stairs and observing the physical effects (increased heart beat, breathing faster, sweating). Once the reasons for these phenomena have been reinforced by the clip, children could measure their fitness by measuring their resting pulse rate, exercising for a set amount of time and then timing how long it takes their pulse rate to return to normal. Data from other pupils could be gathered and presented in graphical form.