A report about the variety of creatures found living in and around a coral reef. The narrator identifies simple differences between the animals. The report includes footage of an anemone, clown fish, crab, shrimp, cuttlefish, turtle, shark, puffer fish, eel and an octopus.

This clip is from:
Our Planet, Fish and Weather
First broadcast:
18 February 2007

This clip could be used at the start of a lesson to help capture and focus attention before further researching life in the coral reef. Ask the children to gather information about this habitat, for example, observing that the water is warm. Ask the children to identify any potential dangers that may be present for a small fish living in the coral reef, then using these ideas allow the children to design their own fish that may live in the coral reef. Ask them to label their drawing explaining how each feature will enable their fish to survive in the coral reef.