Jason and Medea are too busy playing games and listening to music to look after their diamond, which keeps the Planet alive. When it is stolen they are sent on a mission to retrieve it. First they have to get through three tasks - will they save the Planet?

This clip is from:
German and Spanish
First broadcast:
10 March 2009

This clip could be used to look at cognates and how they can help to understand German. Show the clip and then ask the children to listen out for words which sound a bit like English words: 'Kristall', 'Gitarre', 'golden', 'Planet', 'Batterie', 'Piratenschiff', etc. Can these words help them to understand the story? Make a list of all the cognates in this story and invite the children to say the words. What happens to the sounds? Give the children other cognates and ask them to try to predict the correct pronunciation.
Die Superhelden - ask the children about their superheroes and why they like them. Help them to make simple sentences: eg. 'Ben 10 ist mein Superheld. Er ist clever.'