Nadia is trilingual, speaking English and Urdu as well as Scots. She feels Scots is her secret language. Nadia's dad writes in Scots and encourages her to do so. Both parents support her desire to understand and speak Scots as part of her identity. They believe Scots is an important part of the country’s heritage and that both immigrants and native Scots should use it, making an effort to keep it alive.

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Scots Scuil
First broadcast:
24 January 2012

Students could discuss how important it is to preserve a language, given how quickly language can change. Ask students to read a short poem by Robert Burns, highlighting words they don’t understand. Students could discuss these words as a group until everything is clear and go on to create a 'translated' version of the poem.

Students could read the poem again. Does it give the poem new meaning? Would students prefer to read the poem in English or Scots language? Students could have a go at writing a short Burns-style poem using the new Scots words they have learned.