An examination of the balance sheet of the recovery of Honduras after Hurricane Mitch. The hurricane threatened the long term economic stability of Honduras by destroying the banana plantations the country relied upon. International relief was often in the form of loans, which has added to the country's existing debts.

Look at Hurricane Mitch as a case study in the international aid. Research the types of aid involved, the speed of their deployment and their short and long term impact. Students can look at how natural disasters in an LEDC can widen the inequality gap between richer and poorer countries. This could be through building up of debts, decrease or loss of investment from foreign companies or other causes. Divide students into groups to represent different sources of aid - NGOs, private business, banks, other countries – and research the types of aid they give and why. Honduras’ reliance on the banana trade and on global businesses such as Dole and Chiquita in particular can help establish a link between study of environmental hazards and global trade.