Weapons of Sound are an exciting teenage band. They have been very successful and have even played at the Royal Albert Hall. All their instruments are homemade from rubbish and include items such as an old kitchen sink, gas pipes, a shopping trolley and dustbins!

First broadcast:
15 October 2007

Ask the children to listen carefully to the rhythms of the junk band shown in the clip. Challenge pupils to join in with the band, using whatever is to hand. After playing along with the clip, pupils could go on to demonstrate their favourite rhythms to the class. Ask pairs of pupils to play together, one person keeping a steady pulse and the other beating a more varied rhythm around it. Ask pupils to add to a collection of objects that can be used to beat out rhythms. The children might add old keys, tin cans, iron nails, plastic cartons or blocks of wood to the collection. When children have found one way to make a sound with an object, ask: "Can you make a different sound with that object?" Keys, for example, could be jangled or used to scrape along a wooden board.