Prominent sporting referees and personalities look at the importance of rules in setting standards and upholding boundaries. Includes input from rugby referee Nigel Owens, snooker referee Michaela Tabb, sports journalist Brendan Gallagher, swimmer David Roberts and BBC Sport presenter Hazel Irvine.

This clip is from:
More Than Sport
First broadcast:
23 October 2009

This clip could be used to illustrate the role of the referee in sports. Following the clip, students could discuss why sport needs rules - to ensure fair play, good spectacle, and allow skills to flourish? Discussion could explore good and bad refereeing practice. Discuss ways of applying the rules so that the game is played in the 'right' way. Students should build respect and understanding for referees and officials, even when they disagree with a specific decision. Students could be made aware of bodies that have responsibility for ensuring rules are adhered to within sport.