Inspired by the Beijing Olympic Games, the sports day at a Chinese primary school starts with delegations from different countries and an opening ceremony with traditional taijiquan and Beijing Opera performed by the students. Students participate in track and field sport competitions. They find it tiring but good fun, although some might be disappointed if they lose. Teachers usually have to participate in some competitions too. The prize-giving ceremony is always the highlight of the sports meeting.

This clip is from:
Being Chinese
First broadcast:
17 March 2009

Use this clip to introduce the names of countries in Mandarin. Students could make and play a game of pairs, matching countries flags to their name in Mandarin. Students can learn expressions of feelings, like ‘excited’, ‘happy’, ‘nervous’, ’tired’ and ‘disappointed’ and describe how different athletes feel from various images from the Olympics of people winning and losing. Students could design a prize award certificate for first, second and third place using the vocabularly shown in the clip. At the end of the lesson, a prize could be awarded for the first prize, second prize and third prize for those students who remember more sports words from the clip.