Sara talks about why she moved schools and how it changed her perception of school and feelings about friendship. Sara was seen as Pakistani in her first school, rather than British, and was excluded by her peers for about five years before she finally told her family and they moved her to a new school. Her new school was a more positive environment and she found that peer support enabled her to feel confident in herself again. Sara is now a peer supporter and helps other children with their issues.

This clip is from:
Focus, New Kid in the Class ep 2
First broadcast:
17 January 2008

Referring to the clip, the class could consider the differences between Sara's two schools. How could Sara have been helped at her first school? What could she have done that might have helped? Explore with the children how incidents of bullying and racist behaviour can be managed. You could brainstorm the benefits of peer support with the children and ask them to consider how peer support might help someone over and above other children in the school being kind and friendly. You could ask the children to think about their best friend at school. How would they feel if this friend moved away? How might it affect them at school? Children could be invited to share their experience if applicable. The class could suggest ways of helping people in the school whose best friends have moved or are getting ready to move away.