In this clip a surgeon performs a heart and lung transplant and explains how the new organs were acquired and their life expectancy outside of the body. The clip shows in graphic detail the removal of an old lung followed by the new lungs and heart being placed into the chest cavity. The main blood vessels and windpipe are then connected. The surgeon explains why operations are generally more successful when both lungs and heart are transplanted at the same time. We then see the lungs begin to move and the heart is restarted.

First broadcast:
20 April 2007

Students could use this clip alongside a dissection of the heart and lungs to show how the organs fit and work together in the body. It may be a bit graphic for more sensitive pupils as it shows human organs and describes where they came from, so pre-viewing is advised. Pupils could be asked to describe the function of the heart and the function of the lungs and then to describe why the connection between the two body systems is so important. The clip could be used to discuss ethical views on the ‘opt out’ organ donor system in Wales.