Buki introduces her primary school, her teacher and friends. We find out about their favourite subjects, what exercises they do in the gym, what they eat for lunch, and what their favourite games are at playtime. We hear times of day for different activities and find out about the legend of Romulus and Remus. The visit is presented in Italian with graphics in Italian and narration in English.

This clip is from:
Being Italian
First broadcast:
8 February 2010

The clip could be paused to focus on the different areas within the school to allow students to compare and contrast Italian school settings with their own.

Students could be asked to pick out the different phrases which express likes - ‘a me piace’, ‘a noi piace’, ‘mi piace’, ‘a noi piace’ - then move on to building their own sentences using a set of cards displaying key words.

Could be used to learn vocabulary relevant to introducing people such as ‘Questa è …,’ ‘Questo è …’. Students could move around the room and practise by introducing the person next to them.