The poet Benjamin Zephaniah describes how he used to think nurses were women, police were men and poets were boring, until he became one of them! He then performs his humorous poem 'Clever Trevor', which describes how a footballer scores and celebrates a goal. It also expresses confusion about how the footballer acts and what he does.

This clip is from:
Smile it could be verse
First broadcast:
8 October 1998

Students could each write down one thing that, in their opinion, makes a poetry recital work. Students could brainstorm ways in which a poem could be made funny, and when and why you would want to make a poem humorous. Students could have a ‘funny poem’ competition and try to write poems which will elicit laughs from the other students. Ask students to use the techniques from the brainstorm to do this, for example using opposites, exaggeration, or including a ‘surprise ending’. Students could also consider using puns and funny-sounding words.