Water voles are disappearing because of damage to their habitats. Water voles are small, brown, furry mammals. They live in holes or burrows in the river bank. Water voles need river banks to burrow in and they need vegetation for food and to hide from predators. One of the main reasons for their disappearance is habitat damage. In many places river banks are being reinforced by concrete, and on farmland, cattle trample the banks and graze on the vegetation. Habitats are very fragile. Everything has its own balance and we need to try to maintain this balance.

This clip is from:
Science Clips, Habitats
First broadcast:
8 October 2007

This clip could be used as an introduction to work about the dangers posed to wildlife through changes in the environment. It lists specific requirements for a particular species and how events can cause the balance of a habitat to become unbalanced. This could lead to further investigation being carried out by the pupils in their own locality.