An introduction to jazz rhythm and pulse, including a jazz song to learn. Schoolchildren click out a steady pulse then add a word rhythm. Lyrics and music for the jazz song 'Slick City Spats' are introduced. Viewers can listen to, and repeat back, the vocals.

This clip is from:
Music Makers, In the City
First broadcast:
27 February 1998

Use this clip to help children sing the jazz song 'Slick City Spats'. You could first show the clip and then invite the children to stamp out the pulse as demonstrated in the clip. Then they could sing along to the song following the lyrics displayed on the screen. You could also explore the imagery of the song and the way it visualises the music. What kind of cat is described? How does this image reflect jazz music? Invite the children to move along to the music pretending they are prowling like a cool alley cat. Does this image help them to dance to jazz music?