Preparations for the Passover Seder table. Jewish Passover traditions are described and the story of the Jews enslavement in Egypt, and the ten plagues during the time of Moses, is told in a short animated film. The significance of the foods on the Seder Plate is also discussed.

First broadcast:
25 January 2007

This clip could be used to introduce the meaning of Passover and how it is celebrated. Before viewing, ask the class to give one or two examples of special events in their lives. What do they do to remember these events? Explain that in many religions people have feasts to remind them of special events. Discuss the events portrayed in the clip and ensure some key words are understood (seder, plague, Pesach, Matzos, disease). Children can draw and label the different parts of the traditional Sedar meal. As a follow-up, they could develop and design their own special meal and perhaps, if permitted, bring some of it to the following lesson.