Barnaby Bear meets Katrina at the allotments. She shows Barnaby around her allotment where she has lettuces and some tomato plants that have been grown from seeds. Katrina planted the seeds and kept them inside until the weather got warmer. Then she planted them on her allotment. It takes about six months for the young plants to grow into tomatoes ready for eating. Barnaby helps with the watering. Katrina pulls up a big carrot and explains to Barnaby that you eat the root and not the leaves. Barnaby wishes he had an allotment but Katrina explains how he can grow things in the garden or in a window box.

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First broadcast:
21 September 2007

Before watching this clip, the children could discuss where the food we eat comes from. Having watched the clip they could then discuss what plants need in order to grow and could be used as an introduction to the children growing their own vegetables. The clip also provides opportunities to discuss the importance of fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy diet and to explore the responsibilities of caring for a growing plant. The children could also begin to consider the advantages and disadvantages of growing our own food.