High levels of wind in the Southern Uplands of Scotland mean it is a good area in which to locate wind farms, a renewable energy source. Wind farms use the power of the wind to turn turbines and generate electricity. A wind turbine is explained using a windmill toy. The wind catches the blades and turns them around. Exposed hilly areas are good places in which to locate wind farms, as there is nothing to block the wind blowing on the turbines.

This clip is from:
See You See Me, Southern Uplands
First broadcast:
30 January 2009

After viewing the clip, students could make pin-wheel windmills, using card, garden canes and split pin. Students could consider where nearby would be best to try out their windmills, ensuring there will be plenty of wind to make them turn?

Working from their suggestions, students could set up windmills (in flower pots filled with earth) at several different sites around the school. Are the windmills more active in certain locations? How could students make them turn faster in the same location? Students could observe what happens if they change the direction in which their windmill faces and experiment with other ideas. Back in class, students could sketch a map of the school and mark the windiest and least windy places.