Amanda Abbington narrates 'The Bun Gun', set in a pirate school, where a group of children learn to be pirates. Unfairly treated by the headteacher, who saves all the food for her staff, the children make a plan to steal the food. However, a grown-up gang of pirates make a plan of their own. A story full of descriptive language, teamwork and success! 'The Bun Gun' was written by Jeremy Strong and illustrated by Ian Cunliffe.

This clip is from:
Jackanory Junior, The Bun Gun
First broadcast:
8 April 2007

The use of imaginative character names could inspire pupils to choose their own interesting character names and develop them. Listen out for sentence openers as pupils listen to the story. Use of complex sentences throughout could be isolated, written and punctuated. Pupils could listen out for onomatopoeia used regularly in the story, and use this style in their own writing. The dialogue could be used in the teaching of speech punctuation.