Gareth is a circus performer. He attends a base school in the winter and has a teacher from the travelling education service who comes to work with him in the summer. He talks about how they work together in a one-to-one situation and how it is different from going to school. Gareth talks positively about his life and how he balances his circus work with his school work.

This clip is from:
Focus, New Kid in the Class ep 2
First broadcast:
17 January 2008

You could ask the children to identify the ways in which Gareth's life is different from theirs. In groups they could list and discuss the challenges and benefits of being a circus performer and feed back two key points to the whole class. The children could produce their own life activity sheet, showing the range of different activities and tasks they have to do in and out of school. You may wish to remind children that things like helping to care for a sibling and household chores are important to include. These 'My life' sheets can be shared and you could explore with the children how our lives are similar and different. Making reference to Gareth's story, you could consider with the children what our common needs are, however different our lifestyles, for example the need for friendship.