How to write a balanced argument. When writing a balanced argument you need to think of reasons for and reasons against your topic. You then need some useful 'for and against' words to link the arguments together.

First broadcast:
30 November 2007

Ask the class to watch, listen and make notes as to the reasons for and against people climbing Mount Snowdon. Split the class into three groups: 1. The chair and panel 2. The 'FOR' team 3. The 'AGAINST' team and act out a whole class debate discussing the issues presented and using the key vocabulary that was introduced. The chair must control the debate and invite speakers to present whilst the panel make notes on the arguments presented. The role of the 'FOR' and 'AGAINST' team is to deliver the most convincing argument, using the issues raised in the clip to be named as the winners of the debate by the panel. Following this debate, the children can write their balanced argument or alternatively a persuasive letter to represent their own viewpoint on the matter.