Alan tells how an evening of drinking alcohol led to a sequence of events that changed his life. At the time, he set out just wanting to have a good time, but after his experience with alcohol, his attitude to drinking has changed significantly.

At 14, Alan’s drinking boosted his self-confidence and caused him to challenge a group of lads who were insulting his friend. They threw Alan into a bus shelter, breaking his collarbone.

The effect of alcohol on this individual is explored through scientific analysis and highlights how behaviour can change dramatically when drinking. This is shown through interviews, reconstructions and scientific graphics.

This clip is from:
Just a Few Drinks
First broadcast:
20 February 2013

This clip could be used to help students to practice refusal strategies. After watching the clip, ask students to consider alternative scenarios, where Alan says or does things differently. The class could also take on the role of a counsellor, devising questions for Alan to help him carefully consider his experience and actions. One student could take on the role of Alan and have to answer the questions put to him by the class.