An introduction to odd and even numbers. Even numbers are divisible by two whereas odd numbers are not. At 'Number School', numbers are separated into two lines - odd and even. The teacher checks whether or not the numbers are in the correct line.

This clip is from:
The Maths Channel, Numbers
First broadcast:
8 June 2007

A fun way to help children see the pattern of odd and even numbers is for them to shout the odd numbers and whisper the even numbers. To help consolidate the concept, play 'Odd Man Out.' Call out a number, eg 6. You start counting on your right thumb and you say one, count on your left thumb and say two, count on your right index finger and say three, count on your left index finger and say four. Continue in this manner until you get to the desired number. When you have reached the number, put your hands together and see if every finger has a partner. If it does, the number is considered even; if it doesn't, the number is considered odd (odd man out).