Jimmy Doherty shows a peanut plant on which the peanuts grow underground like potatoes. He highlights the concern that when they are harvested lots of other debris can be collected too. He visits a peanut factory where 2 million bags of peanuts are produced a week to find out how we only end up with peanuts in our packet. All peanuts are x-rayed and optically sorted before being fried and salted.

This clip is from:
Jimmy's Food Factory
First broadcast:
9 February 2011

Could be used to introduce or develop knowledge of quality control in the food industry, in particular the use of sophisticated imaging technology and the role of human operators or technicians.
As a starter activity, before watching the clip, learners might be asked to compare unprocessed with processed and packaged peanuts (CAUTION: appropriate risk assessments and controls MUST be undertaken prior to the planning and delivery of this kind of activity, to protect learners with nut allergies.)