The clip begins with an animated version of Jesus throwing out traders from the temple and explains how this deepened the anger of religious leaders who began to plot against him. Two presenters then explain the setting for the Last Supper and that Jesus knew of his forthcoming arrest, they pose the question - what did Jesus ask his disciples to eat and drink in memory of him? The significance of the Last Supper is further explained through the example of a girl, who is moving away. She shares a final meal with her friends and leaves them a parting gift by which they can remember her.

First broadcast:
23 January 2008

Act out the Last Supper with the class using a long thin table. Select children to be Jesus and his disciples. Share a loaf of bread (unleavened such as pita bread) and a blackcurrant drink as the wine. The child who is acting as Jesus should be provided with a bowl and cloth and pretend to wash his disciples' feet. He should say "One of you will betray me" and then Judas should leave the table. The class could then sing the hymn 'A New Commandment' or Jesus could tell the disciples about the new commandment - ""To love one another as I have loved you".

This clip follows on from the clip 'The riddle of Palm Sunday' that helps to set the scene and explains Jesus had both followers and enemies. Otherwise, some explanation of this would be useful prior to viewing, along with terms such as 'merchants' and 'Chief Priests and Pharisees'. Some questions this clip poses: "Why was Jesus angry that people were using the temple as a market? How would you feel if you knew you were going to be arrested or even sentenced to death? If you knew you were leaving your family and friends, what might you leave them to remember you by?" Create a piece of artwork based on the symbols of bread and wine, eg draw out the word body in the shape of a loaf of bread and the word blood as if it is being poured from a wine glass.