For most soldiers, the army was a job for life. When he retired, a soldier could become a Roman citizen. A soldier lived in a fort with 500 or even 1,000 others. As well as fighting the enemy, each had a specific job to do - cook, doctor, blacksmith or other craftsmen.

First broadcast:
14 November 2008

Students could research and list the advantages and disadvantages of joining the Roman army, such as good wages, and not being able to marry. Students could create a 'conscience alley' with half the students lining up on one side and trying to convince a British boy to join the army, and the other half lining up on the other side and discouraging him.

Students could also create a poster to convince boys to enlist in the Roman army.

Can students decide on a set of rules for how the game they see in the clip might have been played? They could go on to play their own version of the game, using stones as counters.