Turtle is hungry so he follows the smell of food until it takes him to the spider Anansi's house. She reluctantly allows him in to share her food but tricks him and he leaves hungry. Despite this, he invites Anansi to dinner if she ever feels hungry. One day she turns up - but will she be fed?

This clip is from:
Anansi and Turtle (French)
First broadcast:
9 February 2009

The clip could be stopped at key points in the story. Pupils could then be asked to try to guess what happens next. The story could be discussed using questions such as: Where does the story take place? Who are the characters? How does Turtle feel at the end of the meal at Anansi's? Why can't Anansi eat with Turtle? How does the problem get solved? What does Turtle do? Is it fair? The clues in the clip about the characters' personalities and feelings could be discussed with the pupils. Pupils could draw pictures to represent what happened at Anansi's and at Turtle's. In pairs, pupils could do a freeze frame of a key scene in the story with the aim to show the characters' personalities and feelings about the situation.