A look at the town of Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders, its location and industries. Eyemouth is named from its location at the mouth of the River Eye. It is traditionally a fishing village. Fishing remains a significant part of the local economy and tourism has grown in importance.

This clip is from:
See You See Me, Southern Uplands
First broadcast:
6 February 2009

Using a simple map of Exmouth, Plymouth or Weymouth (which includes the river Wey, Exe and Plym) ask the children to describe where the three towns are located in relation to the river. Can they guess how the towns got their names? Elicit the idea that the 'mouth' of the river is where it meets the sea and the town located there is named after this. Then, show the pupils a simple map of the Eyemouth area (with the river clearly labelled). Can the children guess the name of the town located at the mouth of this river? (Eyemouth). The first part of the clip confirms whether the pupils are correct. The remainder of the clip illustrates the various industries and jobs that Eyemouth supports. After a class discussion, pupils could describe the journey of 'Ferdinand the fish' from the river to the restaurant. This could be presented as a cartoon strip showing all the different jobs involved in the process eg fisherman, lorry driver, chef, waiter and could include geographical features such as river, mouth, sea, land, harbour, town, road.