Learn about lots of different animals without a backbone. Some minibeasts use camouflage, and some have different defences to avoid being eaten. Minibeasts have different ways of gathering food. Dung beetles fly until they find animal dung, and leaf cutter ants can carry food which is heavier than they are.

First broadcast:
25 February 2007

This clip could be used as a stimulus for a discussion about how animals are suited to their environment. Can children list the ways the animals featured are adapted to their environment? Children could then go on to make animal ‘Top trumps’ rating each on factors such as camouflage, defence mechanism and so on. Children could design their own super minibeast taking elements from each of the bugs featured. A non-chronological report could be written on their invented bug, linking to Literacy objectives. The point at which the clip features the dung beetle could be used to open a discussion on interdependence – one animal’s poo is another’s food!