An introduction to the components of a drum kit. The kit consists of a bass drum, snare, hi-tom, floor-tom, ride cymbal, hi-hat and crash cymbal. Each piece of the kit is introduced and played in turn. A simple rhythm is built up by hitting the bass drum on the first beat and the snare drum on every third of the four beats. In addition there is a brief history of the modern day drum kit and an explanation about how the snare drum works.

This clip is from:
Bitesize Primary, Music
First broadcast:
5 October 2010

Students could be challenged to create their own drum kit using objects from around the classroom. They will require a low drum, cymbal and higher drum along with any others they wish to add. They should also explore creating instruments they can play with their feet as well as their hands. Students could then try to recreate the four beat rhythm presented in this clip on their own homemade drum kit.