Bill Paterson nostalgically recalls Scots words that flavour his formative years. His favourite word is “fankle” and he applauds the way this word captures the emotion of confusion. Bill confirms that in his childhood years, youngsters could have faced corporal punishment if caught speaking Scots in the playground. He goes on to explain that previously Scots words were only spoken and rarely written down. He supports further study of the Scots language and their introduction to the modern classroom. The children of Kittybrewster School are featured, speaking in their native Doric.

This clip is from:
Blethering Scots, 1
First broadcast:
20 June 2011

Students could interview their parents, grandparents, carers, and neighbours about words in Scots or another language from their childhood. What words are particularly important to them?
Organise games of Scrabble using Scots words only. This would encourage students to create a word bank of Scots words. Playing in groups of four will encourage competition and vocabulary development.