An introduction to the key anatomical features of a bird of prey. Includes a look at their feet, which are perfect for catching, holding and carrying their prey, and their beaks, which are curved and sharp to help them rip and tear apart meat.

This clip is from:
See You See Me, Rural Birds
First broadcast:
31 January 2008

This clip could be used to introduce the topic of interdependence and adaptation. Watch the clip and question the children about the different parts of the bird and what they are useful for. Following this, begin a mini project on 'amazing birds' which will look at different adaptations in birds. The following questions could be used as starting points for the project: "Why do birds have different beaks? How do birds feet differ? How are birds adapted to different habitats?" The children can make a presentation to tell others what they have found out. As an extension, the children could design keys to sort a collection of birds or they could research a food chain that one of the birds features in.