Using a mixture of archive footage and interviews with experts in the field of Middle Eastern politics, we are introduced to the lengths which some were willing to go to achieve the goal of an independent Jewish state in the Middle East in pre-state Israel. There are examples of the Jewish Underground activities and good visuals of the bombing of King David Hotel in 1946.

Experts Benny Morris, Rashid Khalidi and Yezid Sayigh discuss the British plan for withdrawal in 1947 and dispute the impact of the UN partition plan upon Jewish and Arab communities. There is also a touch on the claims made by both sides on the Arab refugee problem.

First broadcast:
29 January 2004

Students could focus on two key aspects relating to the creation of the State of Israel, for example: the reasons why Israel was created in 1948, and the effects of its creation on the Middle East and the wider world. Students should try to consider the different types of effects on different groups.