Fred is feeling confused about his feelings and is transported to a doctors' surgery which is inside his own head. The doctor shows Fred images of children displaying different emotions - excited, worried, frightened, sad, happy and loving. He asks Fred how he could feel happy and be more loving.

This clip is from:
Watch, Me
First broadcast:
21 June 2007

In a circle-time setting ask the children to show a partner or the class what each emotion would look like on them. If they feel they could, also get them to share an experience linked to that emotion. A teacher could model this. Go through each of the emotions - excited, worried, frightened, sad - and then talk about what makes the little boy happy. Next talk about what would make them happy, sharing their ideas between them. Finally it ends with 'loving' and this is an opportunity for the children to reflect upon the things they can do to be loving towards people they care about.