A demonstration of the difference between clockwise and anti-clockwise using dancing and animation. The dancers are moving inwards, outwards, round and round. The dancer moves her ribbon clockwise and anti-clockwise. If you move in a circle in the same direction as the hands of a clock, this is clockwise. If you move in the opposite direction, this is anti-clockwise.

First broadcast:
11 September 2007

There are lots of images of turning clockwise and anti-clockwise that children could repeat. For example, they could be given a piece of ribbon to hold and turn either clockwise or anti-clockwise. They could be given a hand-held clock and turn the hour hand one quarter turn or the minute hand one full turn. They could use a split pin to create an image of an aeroplane which they then turn clockwise and anti-clockwise whole, half and quarter turns. They could also consider other objects that turn (windmills, volume controls, steering wheels and so on).