The presenter travels from Portree to Elgol in the south of Skye. She shows her route on a map and, at Elgol, takes a boat trip. The guide introduces places of interest along the way and lists some of the local wildlife. She explains the geology of the Black Cuillin mountains and points out the Small Isles of Canna, Muck, Rum and Eigg.

First broadcast:
15 March 2004

The pupils could mark the various islands featured on a map of Skye and the Small Isles. Using an atlas, they could name other islands marked on their maps. They could research erosion and write a short account of how the Black Cuillin mountains were formed and shaped. They might also find out about the types of jobs people can do on the Small Isles. Pupils could also draw the Black Cuillin mountains from images in books or on the internet. They can find out what it might be like to live on an island, listing the advantages and disadvantages.