How to count up and add the takings from a café by sorting notes and coins into multiples of £1. To make the adding up process easier, the presenter counts coins and notes of different values separately. For example, pennies are stacked into piles of ten, making 10p. Ten of these stacks add up to £1. The process is repeated with the other coins to make more £1 stacks. Next, the notes are separated and counted. Eventually, any spare coins are added to make up pounds and the total is added together.

This clip is from:
The Maths Channel, Money
First broadcast:
15 June 2007

The clip is about efficient ways of finding the total. Before showing the clip play the game ‘addition race’. From a pack of cards (with the picture cards removed) deal two players a set of ten cards. Challenge them to find the total as quickly as possible. Swap and check answers.The child who supplied the correct answer first wins a point. Consider strategies that might help. For example, pairing numbers with a total of ten or looking for doubles. Now watch the clip. What is the same and what is different about the strategies that the café owner uses to find the total takings for the day? Challenge children to tell you complements to £1 as you call out amounts. For example you call out 56p and the children reply 44p. Then use this to add strings of amounts containing pairs that make 100 by re-ordering.